I’ve been coming round to the idea of blogging again for a while now, which begs the question of why did I stop. There were a few reasons:


  1. I got caught up with trying to build my blog and forgot why I was doing it.
  2. My readers saw me develop a LGBT+ affirming stance, but I did this a little too early for someone like me to be taken seriously. I spent too much time defending my beliefs and subsequently became drained by it.
  3. Most commenters don’t want a conversation; they just want to enforce their opinion. I noticed this too late, and be the time I started ignoring them I was already too tired to enjoy blogging.


So why start again? Well, I think I’ve got something to add. I hate clicking on an internet link that sounds interesting and finding that I have to read thousands of words.


Why are blog posts so long??


I want this blog to be concise and to-the-point. All written posts will be under 200 words, but I want to get into videos and podcasts some time.


I hope this blog will excite and challenge you about God and theology!


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